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The balanced synergistic combination of wild growing Rose hip (Rosa canina L.) and Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum L. and Capsicum longum L.) provides vitamins, microelements and biologically active substances vital for the human body.

FuegoFIT helps reduce body weight by accelerating metabolic processes and suppressing appetite.

It has beneficial effect on the immune, cardiovascular, bone-joint and digestive systems, as well as the metabolic processes throughout the body.

It improves the antioxidant protective functions of the body and successfully helps the anti-aging processes.

Use: Adults - 2-3 times daily 1 capsule before or during a meal.

Ingredients: Ground dried fruit of wild Bulgarian rose hip (Rosa canina L.) - (62-64%), finely ground cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum L. and Capsicum longum L.) - (36-38%).

Quantity: 80 capsules, 400 mg each

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